Importance of Completing a Seller's Disclosure in it's Entirety

As a homeowner trying to sell a home, there are many forms that you'll be requested to complete by your agent to ensure your listing is as accurate as possible. One of these forms is the seller's disclosure form. This is a statement that discloses important or relevant information to a real property buyer. In real estate disclosure, a seller has to disclose to a buyer the latent defects in the property. While many people may not see the importance of completing this document in its entirety, we're discussing why your completion of this form is an essential part of the listing process. Take a look:

Provides the Buyer with a Sense of Security
A disclosure statement that is barely filled in can raise some serious red flags for buyers. They may either think the seller is uninformed about the property or trying to cover up something. Make it a point to sit down and thoroughly fill out your disclosure statement. Use this opportunity to convey your knowledge about the property to the buyer. Accurate information provides the buyer a sense of security and demonstrates that you are upfront and thorough.

Protects the Seller from Potential Legal Action
Disclosure documents are a seller’s opportunity to tell all and paint an accurate picture of the property for sale. They also are a vehicle to protect yourself legally from any issues that may arise down the road. The more thorough the information, the better your protection.

Provides Your Listing Agent with Pertinent Information
Much of the information provided on the seller's disclosure can be used by the listing agent to provide accurate information on the listing itself when advertising. For example, on the disclosure, the agent will be able to see if the property is on city water or a shared well. If your home uses a shared well, there is likely paperwork that needs to be retrieved for that, and the possibility that there are monthly or annual incurred costs that will need to be disclosed to buyers. These are things that you may not think of initially when listing your home, but by providing a completed disclosure, your agent is able to catch those things for you and make sure that all the necessary documentation is taken care of.

Now that you know why filling out a seller's disclosure in its entirety and as accurately as possible is so important, you can feel more confident in your home's listing and worry less about potential post-closing issues that could arise. If you have questions about completing your seller's disclosure, the best real estate team at the Lake of the Ozarks are your go-to agents. For all of your Lake of the Ozarks real estate needs, contact Team Andy Gibson!

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